Inspired by The Wild

“Isan is our home and the place of inspiration.”

“Isan” or Northeast Thailand is a highland region where the weather in each season is totally different. Most of the people depend their living on the nature. They grow plants, raise cattle and do other activities that get along with the weather in each season. Living this way has continued traditions, food and local wisdoms until today. These are the basis of our lives and influence our thoughts.

“The nature is the origins of everything including inspirations for creative thinking.”

“Transforming old things to the new ones”

To start viewing the same things with new aspects, we will see the exclusiveness of how things are. Realizing that there are many resources of raw materials in the region, we can add up different tastes. We will be able to present our unique products, designs and art works which are the results of thinking process and experience of the designers to the world.

From thinking process to production.

From simple materials to valuable products

The combination of temporary techniques for complete and fitting works.

There’s more to find out in Isan.