Our Community

Isan is our hometown


“The City of Golden Shower Flowers and Khaen Bamboo Music on Thai Highlands”

Khon Kaen is located in Isan or Northeastern Thailand.The province is a business hub and a restful countryside where there are plenty of wonderful natural resources.The variety of the resources is the major inspiration in creating different handicrafts and having interesting local wisdoms.

“Khon Kaen” is in the center of North East Thailand, so it is connected to many provinces. This results in the circulation of people and different cultural wisdoms in the area. 

Bwild is ecosystem diversity.


In our working community, each artist is compared as a point which exists in the environment. Every one of us is skillful and knows what they love and need to do. Different artists from different fields are connected through works where we cooperatively create meaningful and unique products. This is like when points are connected to form lines and lines are connected to form special drawings and tell the stories we have created.

“Isan” is environmental diversity.

“Isan” is the place we call HOME.

Our home is surrounded by plenty of natural resources and local wisdoms.

Young Isan workers have started to view their roots with different aspects.

These young people are the starting point of Bwild’s travel.

Fellow travelers are important for searching strange materials in the wild.

The initial small group of people has expanded to more groups of people.

The small points have been connected to form lines and create valuable drawings.

The space for the next point.

“ Relationship Our Community”

Self-sufficient community is our Isan normal way of life. Each member of our community has different interests and passions. This variety makes our ecosystem livable. The excitement is cooperative working of people in the community to create new things in our HOME.

Quality of life is the principle of creating quality and valuable works.